Who are we?

We’re figuring that out too. But in the meantime, we’re 3 friends who met on opposing competitive ultimate teams and then we overcame all of that rivalry stuff when we ended up on the same elite women’s team, North Carolina’s Phoenix. After a few seasons traveling around the country to play on different patches of grass, we caught the climbing bug and want to spend some time traveling vertically for awhile.

While we’ve all dreamed about the Mecca of Colorado, this trip is really Janna’s fault. She decided to get into grad school at Colorado State so we had no choice but to transition our weekend-warrior epics to the alluring West. Janna’s excited to play on some rocks for a few months before diving back into the world of school to pursue a masters in conservation leadership.

Janna swinging on trees in the Galapagos.

Tania is our resident Midwesterner who came to NC for PT school and hasn’t been able to leave for good, despite many attempts. After physical therapy school clinicals in Salt Lake City and Norway, she’s gotta get back to the slopes after her stint in NC. Tania’s learning to love mountains even when they’re not covered in snow, and she’s especially excited for the Southwest phase of our trip.

Tania jumping in Norway.

Then we have our climbing guru, Sara, whose mountain exposure was stifled during her years of college in Wilmington, NC. She’s lived all over NC, but is looking for different mountains to climb. The West is her next frontier to discover, and Sara’s helped us make a hit-list of some exciting “classics” of the climbing world for our summer on the road.

Sara riding a yak in India.

Thanks for reading!

-Janna, Tania, and Sara


One response to “About”

  1. Hack says :

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to follow your adventures!!

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