Called to Colorado

Despite an empty Subaru seat and a Sara-sized hole in our lives, Tania and I left Salt Lake City on a mission. Inspired by our visit to the Mormon temple, we prepared for 2 years of…. wait no, a different kind of mission- to go to Colorado and find somewhere to live!

But first, a weekend in Denver to watch all of our friends from NC compete in an Ultimate tournament, the Colorado Cup. We stayed with a wonderful UNC/camp friend of mine, Robin, and made our way to the fields Saturday morning. It was the strangest & best reunion, to see our former teammates from all over the country. We hugged them all: Phoenix from NC, our bestie Wehlitz now playing with San Diego’s Safari, our favorites from Boston’s Brute Squad including Leila (Leila’s guest blog post), Kelly, Bitterman, and Julie. The guys from NC Cash Crop were also there, so Tania and I had an intense social agenda trying to catch up with so many friends. It was a whirlwind, but a great reminder of why we love the sport and community of Ultimate.


Monday rolled around, triggering our drive an hour North, from Denver to Fort Collins. We decided to attack our housing search by driving to Colorado State University where I’ll be starting my grad school program, then exploring the rental options nearby. After 2 months in the road together, fortunately Sara & Tania also decided they could live in Fort Collins instead of Denver so it can be the launching point to our continued adventures.

Using both Craiglist and an iPhone app, Trulia for rent (thanks Raj!), Tania and I booked 5 viewings in no time. After seeing a few gross undergrad houses and meeting some frightening landlords, we needed some ice cream. Then, we changed our strategy and happened upon the most adorable home by simply driving around the best-looking neighborhoods. Jackpot! After a call to Sara across the pond in France, we moved on this awesome house. We’ll be creatively repurposing a breakfast nook into a 3rd room, but we’re less than a mile from Old Town, the CSU campus, and City Park. Our landlords are the friendliest retired couple who told us all about their grand kids and recommended lots of places to eat, drink, and hike.


With our mission complete, Tania and I ran away to the woods for 2 days to climb before continuing on our adventure. Next up- getting on a plane to fly to Chicago!


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