Farewell French Toast


After the epic hike of Mt. Timpanogos and a great home-cooked dinner in Park City with two of Sara’s friends, the farewell festivities commenced. Everyone know the best way to cope with one of your best friends flying to France is to eat lots of food and reminisce constantly. So, we ate breakfast at Salt Lake City’s delicious Park Cafe. Full of the most perfect french toast and egg-topped, kicked-up hash browns, we recuperated from hiking for 11 hours.

Since we were in Salt Lake and couldn’t muster the energy to go climbing, we opted to tour the Mormon temple grounds and the 4 related museums. Sufficiently educated, we made our way to our farewell dinner at the Red Iguana. Appearing to be an average Mexican restaurant, Tania ordered a cucumber margarita which was incredible, and I had the most delicious Enchiladas covered in a mango mole sauce. If you go to SLC, you have to try this place.

Another way to cope with a friend leaving is to stay up very late, pretending that the next morning will never arrive. Somehow, this plan is a bit flawed and the morning/plane flight tends to roll around before you’re ready. Nonetheless, we ditched Sara at the airport and sped away before we could get too emotional about leaving our extrovert behind.



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