Mount Timp: “our biggest and least prepared trek.”

One of Tania’s major goals was to hike to the top of Mt Timpanogos just south of Salt Lake City. She had tried it a few years ago but was stopped by ice on the trail. For this trek we would be joined by Candy, Tania’s good friend who hikes the mountain every year. Candy first suggested that we hike the harder and steeper trail.

We’ve hiked half-dome, climbed mountains, forded rivers, etc. so we didn’t heed her advice to not to go on the 4 mile run the night before. Then another local friend told us that our planned 7am start time would be too late, storms and the afternoon sun could make us miserable. He suggested starting the trail at 3am. This meant leaving the house at 1:30 am and it was already 10pm. Tania and I decided to forego sleep and just stayed up watching more of the OC, while Janna took a nap.

We did managed to start around 3am, except on the wrong trail. A slight error that cost us 2 hrs and some of our energy. We started moving in the right direction, up, and continued to do so for several more hours. My pace slowed to a trudge and I wondered if I could fall asleep while hiking with the black night sky and only a headlamp guiding my way. At some point on this trip we’ve all taken a ride or two on the struggle bus and today I would be a passenger. It was hard to be upset though when we watched the sunrise over the mountains.


At some point we thought we were getting close and our trusty guide, Candy, let us know that we couldn’t even see the summit yet and that we still were not even halfway. Candy said later that all of our faces dropped and she could visually see our spirits deflating. Tania and Janna trucked ahead while me and Candy slowly made our way higher. I convinced myself that would at least see the summit and then decide from there.


Of course once I got to a pretty view, was reunited with Janna and Tania, and the summit looked like it was in reach I tapped into a new chakra and made it to the top with my buds at 11,752 ft. Tania was so excited about completing her bucket list hike that she napped supine on the highest rock.


Unfortunately what comes up must go down and we begrudgingly made our way back down. Fatigued in so many ways, but we had done it, taking 11 hours. We’ve never deserved Taco Bell more! It was nice to save one of the most epic adventures for last on this trip.


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