Cobble Wrestlin’ in Maple Canyon

The drive from Capitol Reef to Salt Lake City took us through some very small Utah towns. Although we had only found a few cemeteries thus far in the trip for our favorite car game, the cow game, on this drive we (mostly Tania) found several cemeteries and cleared all of our scores to zero at some point. Tania went on to win the Cow game of the entire road trip with 13 points, just like she prophesied earlier in the trip. She laid low till the end of the trip and was the best at finding cemeteries. Way to be so patient for several weeks treitz!

The photo below, taken by Anna Thorn, represents our debut into Salt Lake City.


After sleeping indoors for one night we were all anxious to get back into the wilderness, so the very next day we packed up and headed to Maple Canyon for some rock climbing. The climbing in Maple Canyon is by far the most bizarre I’ve seen. The rock is conglomerate, which means that somehow a bunch of pebbles and cobblestones were fused together vertically. It made for some really interesting climbing. The weather was wonderful and we all were able to get in several classic sends. It was a fun experience where we witnessed just how far we all have come in our climbing skills over the course of the trip. It made us all feel really excited about our future climbing adventures we can have together in Colorado.


Anna joined us for the trip and provided us with great company and more climbing psych. Anna has admitted that when she is 25 years old she wants to being living out of her car just like us…dreams are important. At dinner that night Anna asked us some great questions about our trip that sparked a wonderful discussion expressing what the past several weeks had meant to all of us. All three of us admitted that there was little that we would change about our trip if we had the magical powers to do it over again.


Back in Salt Lake we took a low key day by appearing on Anna’s radio show, watching the OC, and eating lots of food.


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