Space is the Place

Continuing our way through the beautiful national parks of Utah brought us to Bryce Canyon. Bryce is actually not a canyon, but instead has an ampetheatre of colorful and unique sandstone formations, hoodoos. We ate a dinner near the rim, including our most decadent desert thus far… No bake cheesecake with strawberries and Nutella!

Thanks to its isolation, Bryce Canyon has some of the best views of the night sky. We attended a ranger program that taught us all about stars, solar flares, black holes, and gamma death rays. After this we were able to view Saturn through the parks giant telescopes.

The next day we went for a 6 mile hike down through the amp. This hike allowed us to walk underneath and through the bizarre features of Bryce.


Thanks to a solid tip from the park ranger we changed our route to Salt Lake City to drive down the scenic highway 12 and visit Capitol Reef National Park. Somehow all of these parks that feature dessert sandstone and water manage to each have something different to offer. Capitol Reef provided us with one of our favorite scenic drives into a canyon and a beautiful sunset.


Capitol Reef also is full of human history. Ancient Fremont tribes left behind Petroglyphs on the sandstone cliffs and Mormon settlers left behind homesteads and fruit orchards.


We were just two days late from being able to pick fresh peaches from the trees, a huge bummer since the Ranger at Bryce had sold us on Capitol Reef based on the promise of fruit picking. Luckily the park sells fresh baked fruit pies and these were able to satisfy our fruit cravings (no scurvy 2013). From here we watched our last park movie and headed on our way to Salt Lake.



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