No Scurvy 2013- Nutrition on the Road

Feeding 3 active, hungry women isn’t easy. Raised to respect vegetables and empowered by perhaps too much knowledge of what makes a complete protein, we mostly try to finish each day full and satiated. When we aren’t indulging in “treat yoself” weekend, we pay strict attention to our pre-planned budget. AKA: eat cheap and cook everything ourselves. Our many remote destinations and the size of a collapsible cooler also dictate many of our choices.
Food is an integral part of our road trip and here’s our recipe to success!

The kitchen:
A 2-burner Coleman stove, 1 frying pan, 3 sizes of pots, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 1 spatula, 2 spoons, and 3 sporks for eating. 1 knife and an 87cent cutting board.

The stores:
We try to go to the store roughly every 5 days. Walmart supercenters typically win since they’re the cheapest.

The pantry:
Stocked with an arsenal of 150 bars (Clif/nature valley/etc), we have snacks to throw in our packs at the beginning of every day. Back home, we streamlined boxes into gallon ziplocs overflowing with minute rice, dry milk, oatmeal, cheez-its and more. In addition, our pre-trip SAMs run set us up with 20 cans of tuna, 5 of canned chicken, & more Peanut butter than we should admit. Our food Rubbermaid takes up an entire seat in the Subaru and it is awesome.

On the momentous, glorious days we go to the store, we indulge in vegetable-centric feasts of colorful stir-fry or quinoa with grilled veggies. After these nights we wake up feeling revived, and build on that joy by eating 3-egg omelettes with sautéed spinach and mozzarella cheese. If you’re Tania, add Sriracha.

One day after grocery shopping, we probably have a few more fresh veggies stashed. Grab these ingredients:
Tortilla Pizzas
1 fresh green pepper, diced
3 handfuls of leftover spinach, sautéed
1 container of “pizza squeeze”
1 package of pepperoni
A bulk Walmart bag of mozzarella cheese
The ziploc of Parmesan you’ve carried since NC
6 tortillas (2/person)

With all 6 hands on deck, compile the ingredients into tortilla pizzas. Speed is of the essence since its probably 9:30pm and you’ve just hiked for 4 hours. Tip: try to avoid dripping on the plate so you have less to clean later!


If you haven’t seen a store in days here is the meal of choice:
Rice and Beans
1 bowl of minute rice
1 can of black beans
1 can of chicken
1 can of rotel
3 tortillas (with cheese if you’re lucky)
1 can green beans on the side

This 1-pot wonder works magic after a day full of climbing. Tania tip: add sriracha. A lot of sriracha.


Everyone knows dessert is an important part of a balanced diet. Other than the one time we ate 12 s’mores in one sitting, pudding is our post-dinner snack of choice:
2 cups of cold water
Enough dry milk powder to make it taste vaguely milky
1 package instant pudding

In a matter of minutes, we have the perfect soft-set solution for our taste buds. Cookies & cream is our favorite.


We eat other, less inspiring meals as well. Lots of oatmeal & cereal for breakfast. PB & honey or Nutella sandwiches. Cucumber & cream cheese wraps. Cheddar & tuna sandwiches. Sometimes you’ve just gotta fuel the furnace and other times you have delicious Rainier cherries or fresh blueberry pancakes. Yum.

If you have any meal ideas for us, we’re open for suggestions! Comment here or email us at letsjustgetinthecarandgo(at)


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3 responses to “No Scurvy 2013- Nutrition on the Road”

  1. iloveredhair says :

    Well you mentioned tortillas and peanut butter, if you had bananas you could spread pb on the tortillas and roll up a banana in it. I bet bananas are a pain to travel with though. ohhh or make quesadillas of any variety, if you had cheese and either meat or veggies to put in it. and i’m a huge zucchini and squash fan but you could saute those as well with just about any type of seasoning or just salt and pepper and it’s amazing. you prob have used all these brilliant ideas but jic!

    • Sara says :


      Bananas are a little tricky for packing, but maybe on resupply days we can try that.

      We have used squash. In fact we recently made a new meal where we cooked squash with broccoli and put those with mashed potatoes and bacon. It was really yummy.

      Thanks for the tips!

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